Blueberry Prison Roleplay

What do we offer

What does Blueberry Prison Roleplay have to offer you

Strict Roleplay

Heavy roleplay like no other, we offer a realistic environment you can enjoy roleplaying in, making your experience here less likely to be ruined by cheaters and hackers alike.

Closed Environment

With an isolated roleplaying environment we guarantee having lots of encounters with new people. You won’t be bored looking all over the place for a soul to roleplay, there’s always one in your sight.


Here everything is about your imagination, we have an inventory system with more than 200 unique items, a lot of them are craft-able from others and adding them is really easy, so if you can think of more items that can be added, you can suggest it and it will be implemented soon.


You can change your characters looks by choosing a skin, but of course that is not enough to give that charisma you are trying to roleplay? so you can customize your look by grabbing those accessories made available to you in the shop, you can even customize their colors. It’s not enough? you are free to make your cell look whatever you like by furnishing it to your liking.